The Ideal Job

Topics: Anthony Bourdain, Chef, Cooking Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Kristina Roberts
June 7, 2011
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Notebook Assignment

7. Research and identify people –not necessarily local or U.S. based—who hold what you consider the “ideal job”. What does the job entail? Can you find the person’s resume/vita somewhere? Write a brief summary of the persons training and career, using as many real statics as you can find. Explain what you admire about this person. What kind of worker is he? What were his greatest accomplishments? Setbacks? How did the field of work change from the time he entered it until now? What do you imagine he would write about if asked for survival strategies?

Being in culinary there are several ways that you can go living your life through food. The average chef now is much more modern then the image of the “typical chef”, and is no longer made to be confined to the kitchen. Whether you like experimenting on food which would lead you to food science, or if you wanted to pursue the restaurant industry, or even never cook at all but blog about it. The ideal job for me would be to completely submerge myself in food; figuratively not physically of course. If I could travel around the world and explore different food techniques, try new cuisines, and learn about the back history on a particular dish that would be ideal for me. No one more embodies this dream than Chef Anthony Bourdain.

Chef Bourdain, a graduate of the world renowned Culinary Institute of America, began his career in the food industry over twenty years ago as a dishwasher, gradually working his way up through preparation, to line cook, to sous chef, and chef. Bourdain says that his love for food was first kindled as a child while vacationing in France with his family. It was there that he had oysters for the first time from a fisherman’s boat which allowed him to take a whole new perspective on food. Bourdain, most popularly known for his television show “No Reservations” which focuses on his travels around the world...
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