The Idea to Send the Second Malaysian Astronaut Should Not Be Proceed.

Topics: International Space Station, Tax, Malaysia Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: January 16, 2011
The first Malaysian astronaut program was launched in the International Space Station on 10th October 2007 and returned to earth safely on 21st October 2007. Malaysians are very proud for that achievement. Three years have passed, and recently a proposal to send the second astronaut mission to the International Space Station had been discussed. The second astronaut mission is going to be held in the next few years, with Major Dr.Faiz Khalid had been chosen for the mission. Although the first mission has brought many advantages to us, however due to the various impacts that we will gain from the proposal, there is a lot of dissatisfaction and inquiries from public. There are many criticisms against this second mission. It is because, the second mission to the space is a waste of public funds, it is not beneficial to our country and it is only to gain publicity. Firstly, the idea of sending the second Malaysian astronaut should not be proceed as it is a waste of public funds. According to a Bernama report, the cabinet agreed to continue the astronaut programme under the 10th Malaysia plan. This was also confirmed by Science, Technology and Innovation Minister, Dr.Maximus Ongkili. National Space Agency’s Director, General Mustafa Subari said that he estimated that at least RM62.5million was needed to fund that astronaut program; this is on a waste of public fund, which is citizen's money. As we all know, the previous budget of sending the first Malaysian astronaut was RM 102.5million. That amount is bigger to compare than this second mission. Therefore, the government cannot assume the second mission will be more successful than the first one. On the other hand, there are many more people in Malaysia who needed help. With that RM 62.5million, the government can build 2222 lower cost houses and provide a lot of facilities to the citizens and the poor, which is more important rather than sending the second astronaut. So, the government should think deeply and...
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