The Idea of Love Have Changed over Time

Topics: Emotion, Poetry, Romeo and Juliet Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Love is an unexplainable feeling of affection towards a person. Throughout the ages, love as a concept has changed and varied. Through exploring different poems there’s a clear difference in emotions and feelings. We can analyse the ideas of love in the poems “Shakespeare Sonnet” by William Shakespeare, “The Nurse’s Song” by William Blake and “Refugee Blues” by W.H. Aven. All of these poems share different relationships and opinions.

The sonnet composed by William Shakespeare compares his lover to a European summer’s day. By using this opinion he express’ his love to never end. Using repetition Shakespeare repeats the first word in each line ie. “And”, “Nor” and “So Long”. To reinforce the message that this poem gives the lover life; so he or she will never truly die. He also uses “I” as an example of first person. By adding this technique you put yourself in his shoes and understand the message he is trying to convey. “Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May” is a quote from the poem that uses visual imagery, sensory imagery and personification. This quote describes love as being too short, by also picturing rough winds wiping away love we can see Shakespeare’s strength of love. Shakespeare also includes rhyme, rhythm and metaphors to make his message of love flow with the text.

We can now compare Shakespeare’s work to “The Nurse’s Song”. It was written in the 1700’s by the rebel William Blake, it shows a happy and cheerful mood of love. Although the view of love in this poem is shown through a nurse and a child’s perspective, it still displays a close and comfortable connection. Blake’s poem has the technique of rhyme which creates tone and rhythm. During this time we feel as if the nurse is like a mother to the children, this is evident in “my heart is at rest within my breast”. The view of love being an emotion between a couple is challenged, when it’s more like a families love. The difference between Shakespeare’s work and Blake’s is that they...
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