The Idea of Belonging in China Coin by Allan Baillie

Topics: China, Grammatical person, Perception Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: March 4, 2012
The music ‘Vincent’ fades in…
Mary : good evening all the listeners, welcome back to the educational show ‘focus on belong’ from the radio station FM 101.9 at 18:30 , I’m Mary. Today is our pleasure to have the composer of a successful book ‘China Coin’ Allan Baillie to be here with us. We will talk about the idea of belonging that are presented in his book. Welcome Allan Baillie !(in an excited tone) Allan Baillie: Hi Mary, hello everyone. ( nice voice)

Mary: Very good thanks. many of my friends and I have read your book. We all think that it is very successful and fantastic .so what do you think that make you novel so great? AB: that’s a good question. Umm... i think that it is because it presents so many barriers that prevents us from belonging. the readers who have the similar experiences will find the story interesting as they want to see how the characters will challenge themselves through experience to search for a new sense of belonging , a new sense of understanding about their lives. Mary: Hmm... I see. you always use internal monologues ,and why? AB: well ,I use internal monologue often to reveal the inner ,unspoken thoughts of Leah. This allows the audience to feel closer to her and also develops a deeper understanding about her sense of belonging. Mary: Barriers happened between Leah and her mother Joan. And I want to ask you, why was their relationship so tension at the beginning of the story? AB: it’s because Leah has no understanding about the importance of gaining a cultural belonging while Joan does. This contrast already establishes an obstacle between Leah and Joan. Because they have different understanding about themselves ,also their lives. Because of this Leah think” I have been kidnapped by on evil aunt. This metaphorical hyperbole in ‘kidnapped’ and ‘evil aunt’ further isolates Leah from Joan .their relationship was strained because they constantly misunderstand each other’s feeling. Mary: how you use flashback in this book?...
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