The Ida of the Beauty in the Society of Today

Topics: Middle Ages, Mass media, Physical Appearance Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: December 19, 2011
The Idea Of Beauty In The Society Of Today
Over the years there have been many changes to the idea of beauty. Form the bigger women of the Middle Ages, the "Bomb Shells" of the 50's, to the razor thin models and the cuvers of women of today. Most changes of the idea have come from social period and midea, yet there is still an inner beauty that is less understood then the idea of beauty it self.

The media impact of "beauty" today is one of epic porportion. Magazinges, T.V shows, ect... are full of "beautiful women" making it hard for one to truly know what it is to be beauty. A person will see one thing then another and another and feel as though it is they job to be like what they see. Many girls, teen age ones, will go to extrems to be like what they see in the media. They will do unnatural and unheathly things to reach that body image the media is showing. Most of the time they will go to body damaging levels of not eating.

One thing that has been shown with the media impact of the "beauty of today" is the way it makes a person feel. The appearance change can cause anxiety, grief, depression and a low self-esteem all because the person is "jealous" of the image set today.

Celebrities are placed under a pressure to be the exemplars of "beauty". With media posting "beautiful" images of them, and the "Hot And Not" commulms, its even harder on celebrities. For example fashion models in the last tweenty-five years have gotten a little bit over 16% skinner. Also in addition the the models "being perfect" photo editors will airbrush the photos to make the model prettier.

Remember when we was little and our parents would tell us "It's what on the inside that counts."? They were talking about "inner beauty". The beauty of the goodness of a person.
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