The Hurt Locker

Topics: The Hurt Locker, Improvised explosive device, Iraq War Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Jesse Fischer
Dr. Brad Rogers
English Composition
America’s Drug Addiction
Kathryn Bigerow’s film The Hurt Locker portrays America in a heroic way, but what messages is it really trying to get out to people? Certainly a movie promoting the American Military could not have a negative say on the country, or could it? Behind the scenes of this film are some very powerful and arguably true statements made about the United Stated of America. The film takes place in modern day Iraq with a rowdy cowboy bomb diffuser as the protagonist. This hands on; do-it-yourselfer portrays traditional American values. Get work done now and ask questions later, if you have to get your hands a little dirty then so be it. In fact, that’s how the main character wants it to be. Instead of relying on the technology that has been said to save lives in combat, he chooses to take the risk and do things himself. Staff Sergeant James is his name, and he is on a three man EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) team. The other two members of his team, after recently losing their previous team leader, are skeptical to go all out into combat unless it is absolutely necessary, while James throws on his protective gear and walks straight down a street to find and disarm the next bomb. James can be argued to be a symbol for America itself, a gung-ho fearless warrior. But not everything portrayed by him is good. In the film, James loves being in Iraq, he loves the adrenaline rush and he loves the excitement. When he is sent home it shows him bored and only wanting to go back. This easily could be associated with America’s war addiction. Another example is when Staff Sgt. James and Sgt. Sanborn are approaching the American base and over the headset you hear “Welcome to Camp Victory gentlemen” (The Hurt Locker). Then James says “Victory? Thought it was Camp Liberty” (The Hurt Locker) and Sanborn replies “Oh, no. They changed it 'bout a week ago. Victory sounds better” (The Hurt Locker). This is...
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