The Hurricane

Topics: Racism, Bob Dylan, Protest Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: June 17, 2011
How does Jewison educate and inform the audience about important ideas in his film “The Hurricane”? Introduction
In the film, “The Hurricane”, Jewison uses camera, dialogue, music, and lighting techniques to educate and inform the audience about important ideas within the context of political protest in America during the sixties. Jewison also uses live footage and protests songs from the freedom fighters of that era to connect with the audience. The main ideas that Jewison conveys to the audience are concerned with racism and a corrupt judicial system, the power of education and people working together to bring about change.

Paragraph 1
The film exposes racism and the corrupt justice system in America during the sixties to show how ordinary people can be wrongly convicted and manipulated by those in authority. In the movie the justice system is portrayed as cruel, abusive and racist. Jewison positions the audience to believe that Carter is innocent and that he is being unfairly harassed by the law. Jewison uses the relationship between Carter and De La Pesca to show a large part of the racial tension that occurs throughout the film. All of Carters encounters with the law involved De La Pesca who pursued him from a young age. De La Pesca’s racist language towards Carter, “Nail your black ass down” appeals to the audience sense of fairness. When Carter is placed in jail for the third time, “The Hurricane” song by Bob Dylan, is played in the background. Dylan used phrases and words which represent Carter as a victim so that the outside world thinks that he is innocent. The language used in Bob Dylan’s song is very emotive and blunt. “An innocent man in a living hell”. The language in the song also indicates to the audience that the case was racially biased and this makes the audience feel that Carter didn’t have a chance because he was black “And the all-white jury agree”.

Jewison highlights the power of education over physical strength throughout “The...
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