The Hurricane

Topics: Rubin Carter, The Hurricane, Paterson, New Jersey Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The film The Hurricane directed by Norman Jewison claims to accurately depict the life of injustice suffered by middleweight champion Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter. The director uses casting, characterisation, lighting and music in order to convince the audience of Carter’s innocence. Jewison uses evidence, in some cases false, to manipulate the audience into believing that the Hurricane is and always has been an innocent man. This clever manipulation is clearly evident in his casting and characterization choices of Lezra to emotionally vest audiences into his journey alongside Rubin Carter’s. This technique is also used to create and perfect the other cast members to guide viewer’s thoughts and opinions as the director wishes. Furthermore, the lighting and music are blatantly manoeuvred to garner an emotional reaction from audiences, this is apparent in the poignant scenes of Carter as the victim of tragic injustice. Without Jewison’s clear bias filmmaking, the audiences would have been left with a different view of Carter. Casting and characterization in the film The Hurricane are utilized to persuade viewers of The Hurricane’s innocence. The casting of the characters Rubin Carter, Lezra Martin, Lisa Peters, Sam Chaiton, Terry Swinton and Lt. Jimmy Williams was necessary to create the image of goodness, as we associate attractive people with being good and kind hearted. Athletically appealing actors have been cast in all these roles in order for us to automatically assume them to be good. However, Det. Sgt. Della Pesca and the Prison Warden (the major villains) are cast as old, overweight, balding men to assure us of their wickedness. By casting Rubin Carter as an attractive man the director persuades us into believing in Carter’s innocence. Furthermore, the character of Lezra Martin is carefully created to work as an audience stand in for the film. This technique is used so Lezra works as our stand in to Carter’s life. Lezra, like the viewer is new to Carter’s...
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