The Human Voice: A Dominant Tool of Communication

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  • Published : March 12, 2012
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Matthew Susdorf
The Human Voice
The human voice is an extremely dominant tool of communication whether or not it includes language. Around the world there are so many different types of accents of the human voice that make us unique to our roots and culture. In the short informational film, The Human Voice, vocals are analyzed in many aspects. The aspects I found most interesting was that about accents. This paper seeks to examine and answer a few questions about the short film including: What did the video teach you about accents? Where do you stand on the debate regarding standardized American pronunciation? And should children be taught to speak using standardized pronunciation or should cultural diversity be maintained? Explain your position. The short informational film, The Human Voice, taught me many new aspects about accents that I never knew. Studies show that the language a human develops before puberty is the accent that they will have for the rest of their life. This is why it makes it easy to distinguish where someone really grew up. Sometimes different accents are recognizable within one’s own country. For example, North Germans pronounce their “S” and “T’s” different than South Germans. And here in the United States being from California a New York accent is hard to miss. Accents are a beautiful part of the human voice and a great way to distinguish where or when someone was born. This is the main reason why I am against a standardized American Pronunciation and why I feel it would take away from some of the unique and interesting characteristics of a human being. It is true, sometimes accents can hold someone back here in the United States and studies do show that perceptions of accented speech are less favorable than those of normal American speech. This it is not enough to completely rid ourselves of the beauty of cultural accents and speech. I feel that since America was founded and is full of immigrants forcing a...
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