The Human Traits of Andrew Martin in "Bi-Centennial Man"

Topics: Psychology, Neuroscience, Emotion Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: December 14, 2012
The Human Traits of Andrew Martin
Samuel Beaulieu
Mr. S. Commeau
In the movie “Bi-centennial Man” we learn about how Andrew lives his life. We learn from the moment he is first activated to the moment he dies. In my opinion I believe Andrew is human. Andrew is human because of the fact he has human emotions, blood in his body and he isn’t selfish.

My first point is that he is not selfish. To be considered human, I believe that you have to be not very selfish and aware of others. He proves this when he creates organs. He distributes unselfishly. Many humans have benefited from some of the organs he created for himself. One person who has an artificial organ is the head of the World Counsel. The head is human but has artificial organs so, why cant Andrew be considered human.

Andrew has also created a nervous system for himself. He is capable of many human emotions. He is able to feel pain. We learn this when he goes to see little Miss’s granddaughter and tells her to poke him in the eye. It is obvious he feels the pain on how he reacts afterwards. He is able to use tools and create many things. This shows that he has creativity and this is a human trait. We first learn this when he creates a wooden horse for little Miss. Lastly, he can taste. He wants to know what it is like to taste food. As humans we too are able to taste and feel many objects.

My last point is that he has blood circulating throughout his body. He has blood flowing through his body so that he can age like a human. It is natural for us humans to age. As Andrew begins to age he is beginning to get closer to his goal of being human. When Andrew finally dies at age 200 he has finally reached his goal and is considered human. Blood running throughout the body is very complex. When Andrew acquired this, he has become human in my books.

Andrew was a marvellous human and history books will write about him and his journey to become human....
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