The Human Tendencies

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Human tendencies

Every human, regardless of culture, place or time of birth, exhibits several tendencies. Guided by these tendencies at each stage of development, human seeks out the experiences in their environment that will best serve his development. Human being try to create order, to find meaning, to explore environments, to communicate with people around him, to pursue activities that are meaningful to become precise in his movements and in his thinking, and to work towards self-perfection. The main purposes of tendencies are:

* adapt to the environment
* full feel human needs
* full feel potential as human
Human tendencies are predispositions to think, acts, behave, or proceed in a particular way. (Oxford English Dictionary) Stephen J. Gislason says that human tendencies are constant features, buried deeply in the human psyche. ( Maria Montessori believed that human tendencies are key points in understanding human behaviour. No matter where we live, no matter our culture or ethnicity, we all follow the same natural laws that lead us to act or react in a specific way. We are all driven to communicate, socialize, imitate, explore, move, be exact, concentrate, repeat, discover order, achieve independence, realize perfection, control ourselves and work. Human tendencies are present at all ages of our lives but some are stronger than others during different developmental periods. The tendencies also vary in the way and strength in which they appear in different people but they all exist. And it is these tendencies which guide our development; which direct us to take or not to take a given action. We are all driven to:

* Movement
* Independence
* Gregariousness
* Communication
* Order
* Exactness
* Orientation
* Exploration
* Curiosity
* Work/ Activity
* Concentration
* Repetition
* Perfection
* Imitation
* Calculation
* Abstraction
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