The Human Spirit

Topics: Soul, Spirit, Mind Pages: 3 (1179 words) Published: November 15, 2010
The Human Spirit is an entity all its own, yet found on a very mortal plane not entirely alone. Our human spirit defines us outside the physical realm, it is the source of our strengths and weaknesses, and the very definition of our identity. For that reason the spirit in each of us differs in some way, and as we all face our individual challenges our spirits are also therefore individually affected. However as living beings we all share the presence of this spirit, as different as they maybe, and so I am not in the wrong to generalize the outcome of facing such adversity. In so many ways, the glorious human spirit is very close to a very ordinary, physical muscle. Just like a muscle the human spirit reacts in two ways towards adversity, it will either be worn down and rebuilt stronger, or be worn down the point of a complete breakdown from where there is no return.

There is a famous saying often I often use to inspire and strengthen myself, it goes "Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". The human spirit also stays true to this mantra. Often being faced with challenges and adversity, only serves to strengthen ones character. It is the same principle used when working-out; to strengthen ones body, one must first tear down the muscles. The narrators mother in The Mercy arrives at a New World alone and very much in the dark. On her way, she faces a host of peril, challenges and adversity. However, despite being forced to experience such loneliness and danger, we are led to believe that she survives and lives to a healthy old age. Instead of losing the will to go on without the rest of her family, or from having been forced through a month long quarantine on a ship full of strange foreigners she finds herself striving through the world and seeking out her place. As an immigrant myself I experienced what it was like coming to brand new shores. My entire life I've lived as a nomad, moving from community to community, school to school and people to...
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