The Human Spark

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  • Published : July 5, 2011
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The Human Spark

In The Human Spark: Brain Matters, this video suggests that our best, most creative and innovative moments occur when we are idle, when we can simply think ourselves into other times, other people's thoughts, other circumstances other than the immediate present. When we aren't thinking in the present, our minds are either in the past or the future, an imaginations to see how different things can be. From this video, one can come to understand that insight and imagination are the point of the human spark. There are a range of capabilities that make us who we are today. Tool use, are, religion, science and society are all tied to our ability to communicate, to acquire grammatical language to teach one another how to get along in the world. Our development depends very much on our social interaction from birth to old age. The need for religion might be explained here and the possible evolution of man is shown.

Human brains are larger to be able to deal with the complexity of the society we live in. Humans can handle about one hundred and fifty relationships as chimps can only handle about fifty. Animals operate in first order intentions while humans can think up to fifth order intentions attempting to understand what someone else is thinking then on and on from person to person.

There are glimpses into how the human mind works, through the use of experiments with babies as young as six months as well as MRI's and EEG's on adults. Through both functional brain scans and high-tech EEG's, we probe for the language centers within the brain, including those employed to recognize mistakes in grammar, and discover the way language allows us to manipulate symbols in our minds. Other functional scans of the brain reveal a link between two of humans’ most characteristic abilities, language and the use of tools. It's about recognizing that other people have intentions, and being able to pick out what someone else's intentions are. These intentions...
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