The Human Solution: Consumption or Cloning

Topics: Meaning of life, Human, Cloning Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Courtney Ramsey
ENGL 1020-033
20 March 2013

The Human Solution: Cloning or Consumption

Human cloning and Human Consumption are two highly controversial subjects as you would imagine. In Steven Pinker’s The Moral Instinct he argues that the issue of human cloning being one of the much advancement that society has cast out as unethical and unworldly idea. Swift’s Proposal of selling infant corpses like meat, in order to solve his countries economical problem is absolutely brute and absurd. The common ground these two have is the physical use of the human body, but also their views and differs in many ways.

Cloning is an idea that promotes life. For something to be copied there has to be an original. So, a living, breathing, fully functional human being will be used to hopefully produce a copy that will be used to prolong the life of the original. As we have witnessed with the cloning of the sheep Dolly survival is questionable. Of course, there is a chance of death or mutation, but they don’t completely outweigh the normal dangers of day today life.

Human consumption for profit would be a huge leap backwards for society. I don’t think Swifts proposed methods create a bigger problem than the one it correcting. There are a few different dynamics at hand here. Not only are you murdering helpless infants, but transforming them into a food and economical resource. The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and all forms of human life. Human life is being valued from entirely contrasting perspectives.
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