The Human Resources Management of Five-Star Hotel in China

Topics: Hotel, Management, Tourism Pages: 41 (12645 words) Published: April 26, 2011
The Hong Kong Management Association Lingnan University

Joint Diploma in Management Studies

Management Project

Spring 2010

|Title of Project |: |The human resources management of Five-star hotel in China | |Student Name |: |LUI WING-HI | |Student Number |: |073042 | |Supervisor’s Name |: |Lolita Lau | |Date |: |11th May 2010 | | | | | | | | |

Tablet of Contents

|Chapter 1 |- |Introduction ( background information of the hotel industry in China) | |Chapter 2 |- |SWOT to analyze the hotel industry in China | |Chapter 3 |- |The lack of skills of employees in china hotel industry | |Chapter 4 |- |HR process that causes the problems | |Chapter 5 |- |Analysis on the facts and findings | |Chapter 6 |- |Implementation |

Ch1---- Introduction of china s hotel industry.

Along with the arrival of knowledge-based economy and China joining into WTO, Chinese traditional hotels' organization and function, management ideas and philosophy, and services are facing comprehensive challenges, and under dramatic changes. In the new century, enhancing the development of human resources is the main approach for Chinese hotels to adapt to competition and meet new challenges. Hotel industry is one of the industries, which benefit the largest from the country's reform and opening up policy, also one of the industry which is earliest linked with the international standards of the industry in domestic, whose location is eye-catching among the six elements of tourism.

With the scale growth as multiples of hotel industry in China in recent years, it aggregate the industry's carrying capacity; hotels have been consecutive losses, some have been some face forced closure .At the same time, the hotel industry also reflects the environment in the human resources environment. Specific performance as follows: (1) Over the last decade, the attractiveness of the labor force of the hotel industry has shown a downward trend: (2) the higher education with objective to the training hotel manager are not out of the traditional education mode of thinking and did not really meet the training needs of the hotel of high-quality personnel, (3) the development of the human resources development in the industry is uneven to affect to enhance the overall quality of employees. At present, the hotel's human resources there are many books and papers. For example, the National Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Zhang Rungang write the "the forefront of the hotel industry", "China Tourism" on the series of Chen, deputy director of the "hotel industry professional managerial ranks", and Zou Yimin, an associate professor of Zhejiang University and other tourist centers School teachers and other workers in the hotel management of human resources management and articles on the development of China's hotel industry have a strong theoretical and practical significance.

However, the star hotel practice of human resources development work is clearly lagging behind the...
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