The Human Experience

Topics: Cousin, Meaning of life, Human Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: November 6, 2012
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Chris Steele
Faith 12
1 October 2012
The Human Experience
This film was very meaningful to me because the two guys went out of their way and sacrificed a lot of their own personal comforts to experience what some unfortunate people experience everyday in their lives. To put yourself in someone elses shoes is not easy because it may not be something you're used to so it can be very difficult for some people to deal with.The part in the movie that moved me the most was when the guys went to the orphanages and stood by the kids side as they went through treatment for their variety of disabilities. It couldn’t of been easy to witness all these young kids going through all this pain and not being loved by a parent so thats why the brothers went there to comfort them and love them. I think that experiencing an adventure like this would be very memorable and life changing and would be something I would like to experience.

Everyone is equal to one another. No matter what someones status is in society or the way they look, they should not be treated any differently than any other human being. Everyone is created equal and always will be. The life and dignity of the human being is one of the seven social catholic teachings that is portrayed in this film. I can relate to this because my cousin got hooked on drugs and alcohol and had 2 kids that she was responsible for. Obviously she couldn't take care of them, let alone herself so she went to rehab and my family took care of the kids and they lived at our house. I have built up a really close relationship with my second cousins and we have a lot of fun together and always mess around. It has taught me to never do drugs and get hooked on alcohol and to always take care of myself and others.

The young men portray an image of jesus throughout the entire movie because they devote a time of their life to helping those who are in need of assistance and love. Jesus healed many and fed thousands....
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