The Hrc (Human Rights Campaign)

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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The Human rights campaign is an interest group which in fact deals with human rights. This group has expanded over the years and has a huge influence on the world today. The human rights campaign has had a lot of success in and out of the white house. Some issues that the HRC deals with are gay rights, transgender equality and hate crimes. The HRC are very dynamic and cater to a lot of needs. The HRC is a human rights right group which deals with many different and controversial issues. The people who join this group aren’t just gay and lesbian Americans. The HRC isn’t just exclusive to gays and lesbians it’s a group open to everyone. Some people typically think that the HRC is just a gay and lesbian group but they deal with equal rights for everyone. Also it’s not just a liberal group some conservatives are on board with the campaign. In 2007 a poll was taken on whether or not they should strengthen the laws on hate crimes and 56 percent of republicans and 63 percent of evangelical Christians expressed support. Also many people have shown support for the group through social media such as facebook and twitter. The group also appeals to people between the ages of 13-17 through their program growing up LGBT in America. Also a lot of celebrities have supported the HRC such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Cyndi Lauper, Christopher Meloni, Kevin Bacon, Anne Hathaway and many more. Most people join this group because they believe that all basic rights should be given to everybody. For example most people who join this group feel that gay marriage should be legal because who are they to say what’s a true and pure marriage. Also people join to receive some sort of justice of the many gay, lesbian and transgender people who are discriminated against and deserve to be treated as equals. Some goals of the HRC are stricter laws for committing hate crimes, equal marriage rights, advocating for all families, equality in the work place and equal rights for gay, lesbian and transgender people. Currently the HRC is working on getting the equal marriage act passed in all of the states. Also the HRC is currently working on National Coming out day, which pretty much is a day in which many gay people can come out without any feeling of persecution. Also on national coming out day many people come out as an ally to the movement as a way to support the cause. President Obama has declared his support of same sex marriage on national coming out day. The HRC is also trying to gain equality for gay, lesbian and transgender people in the work place. They are trying to accomplish this by enacted non discriminatory policies in the work place. The HRC is advocating for gay couples to be able to adopt children without any real problems and to be able to have normal families. The actions of the lobbyists and the volunteers in the HRC are very efficient and effective. When HRC was trying to pass the Matthew Sheppard and James Byrd J. hate crimes prevention act they had to work extremely hard. This act called for the government to provide grants and assistance to state and local authorities investigating and prosecuting hate crimes. It took a lot to get this bill passed it took over 600,000 YouTube views of their hate crime advocacy videos. More than a million emails /faxes and phone calls sent to Capitol Hill since 2002 in support of the hate crime legislation. It took more than 300 organizations who signed on in support of the Matthew Sheppard act. It took more than 14 floor votes in the house and the senate over 12 years to finally get the bill to the president’s desk. In 1992 the HRC endorsed Bill Clinton’s presidency. After his election the HRCF’s executive director took part in the first ever meeting between LGBT leaders and a sitting president. In 2008 the HRC endorsed Barack Obama for president and worked tirelessly across the country to elect him. They helped him by raising money online to rallying volunteers in key states....
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