The House on Mango Street(Chapter 4-6)

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The House on Mango Street
Summery and analysis(chapter 4-6):
chapter 4:
In this chapter Esperanza explains that her name is a spanish word for “Hope”. Esperanza is named after he great grandmother how never got married until she got married by force. Esperanza says the her great grandmother never forgave him. Esperanza explains that when her classmates say her name in english it sounds rough while in spanish its sounds smooth. chapter 5:

In this chapter Esperanza meets cathy. Cathy becomes Esperanza’s first friend in the neighborhood but only for a week because her family is moving out of the neighborhood. She says that she is related to the queen of france. She tells Esperanza who’s who in the neighborhood. Cathy has a lot of cats I think that is the reason she Esperanza calls her the queen of cats. Cathy’s family is moving because the neighborhood is “getting bad”, this is immediately understood by Esperanza as a racist reason for Cathy’s family to move. Cathy represents the racism of people outside of mango street. she shows how people look down to other people. chapter 6:

Two girls from the neighborhood approach Esperanza offering her to pay five dollars so she can part own a bicycle. Although cathy tells Esperanza not to pay the five dollars, Esperanza run into her house and gets five dollars from her savings. This ends Esperanza’s short friendship with Cathy. They decide that the will take turns, but today they will all ride it together.
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