The House on Mango Street

Topics: Friendship, By the Way, Friends Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Unit 5 Paper – The House on Mango Street Summary of “Our Good Day”

In my opinoin this part of the story shows that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Just because someone looks a certain way that doesn’t mean that they are a bad person or are not worthy. Everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves. Unlike Cathy who dismisses Rachel & Luch because of the way they look, Esparanza gives them a chance and ends up getting two very good friends out of the deal that don’t seem to care what her name is or where she lives. To me those are the kinds of friends to have. As this part of the story begins Esparanza is greeted by 2 girls who ask her for five dollars, this comes with a promise of friendship forever, however, Esparanza’s friend Cathy tells her “Don’t talk to them, can’t you see they smell like a broom”. Esparanza makes her own judgment call and decides she likes them.  She talks about their clothes being crooked and old and how they are wearing their Sunday shoes without socks and she also likes how the bigger girl laughs with all her teeth.  Esparanza knows that Cathy will be mad at her but she tells the girls to wait while she runs inside to get the five dollars.  Esparanza goes insie the house to get the money and by the time she gets back outside Cathy has left but Esparanza doesn’t really care because she has a bike and also two new friends. The issue raised by this is how someone can make a snap judgment about if they should talk to someone or not just by the way they look, or in Cathy’s case the way they smell.  I think technically this is a type of bullying because we can’t all choose how we look, or if we are poor or rich.  I was raised to never treat someone differently just because they look or act different and that every individual is deserving of having a chance. As the story goes on, the girls make introductions of themselves and Esparanza is hesitant to give them her name “and I wish my name was Cassandra or...
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