The House on Mango Street

Topics: English-language films, Love, Domestic violence Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 22, 2013
“Rafaela who Drinks Coconut and Papaya Juice on Tuesday
Rafaela is a young woman got married to a man who kept her locked -up when he went out, he was afraid she would run away because of her beauty. She wishes to go dancing before she gets old. Ever Tuesday her husband comes home late, so she asks Esperanza and her friends to buy her a coconut and papaya juice which she retrieves with a rope she throws down from her window. Rafaela is forced to forget about her dreams because of her husband. Characterization

* Rafaela felt trapped in her own house
* The way she sat in the window it showed she wanted to be free and follow her dreams. * She felt lonely and isolated she had a conflict against herself. Plot
* The story took place in Rafaela’s house besides the window. * She cannot interact with anyone, her husband did not let her. * Rafaela sent her friends to buy her coconut and papaya juice and dreams about the life she would want. * Rafaela realized she had to forget her dreams because of her husband. Theme

Dreams: “Rafaela wished she could go there and dance before she got old” Violence: “gets locked indoors because her husband was afraid Rafaela would run away, since she was too beautiful to look at.” * Symbolism

“Rafaela who drank and drank coconut and papaya juice on Tuesday and wished there were a sweeter drink….” * Simile
“…. Not bitter like the empty room, but sweet like the island, like the dance hall down the street where women much older than her threw green eyes easily like dice and opened homes with keys.” Linoleum Roses

Sally got married when she was in eighth grade to a salesman, they had to go to another state to get married. Esperanza believed Sally got married to escape her house. Sally said she was happy because her husband gave her money to buy things. He could be violent sometimes when he got angry. Her husband did not allow her to go out, talk on the telephone, see her...
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