The House of My Dream

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  • Published : December 19, 2010
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The House of My Dream

Many people dream. Dream to visit the unknown countries, dream to fly by a balloon or to cross ocean on a sailing vessel. People dream of what that they don’t have, but would very much like to make or get. People dream of much, only not always their dreams come true. And I’m an exception! I a big beautiful house is almost everyone’s human one of the sweetest dreams.

My house of dream is a big detached house, situated far from city life at the seaside of ocean. It must be a very attractive and beautiful place, so I could spend there my free time and take a rest, listening to whisper of the ocean and jungle life. My house should be an irreplaceable part of a nature and my well being. It should have big windows through which looking the window I should see the incredible panorama of raging ocean and the whisper of the palm trees.

In short, it should be the good house with all personal belongings. In the house of my dream there should be not less than eight rooms - a vestibule, a drawing room, a dining room, studies for the work, four - five rooms on each member of family, and also kitchen and two bathrooms. It would like to me that in my house necessarily is the fireplace on a ground floor around of which all family would gather. And that the furniture in the house was wooden. And of course a big pool, despite the fact that ocean is situated not far from. There I can swim when the ocean is cold or the weather is stormy.

I would like, that around of my house grew a lot of trees as palm trees and other tropical plants. In general I would like to live somewhere in south closer to the north and equator, the countries of sun and hot weather.


Ilia Ovchinnikov 2010
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