The Hot Zone Review

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  • Published : November 10, 2011
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Many people have heard of Cancer, AIDS, and small pox all which can be deadly and are considered by most people who haven’t heard of Ebola or Marburg as the deadliest of diseases and viruses. Imagine a virus that killed nine out of every ten people it infected and it was contagious through airborne particles. Even prior to learning about the symptoms of this type of virus it already sounds like a nightmare. The virus is called Ebola and a man by the name of Richard Preston wrote a full length book about the discovery and the fight against this virus in the book entitled The Hot Zone. This book goes into an agglomeration of detail pertaining to this particular virus and it is shared through the eyes of two Doctors at the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) who had direct contact with these viruses.

Unlike global warming and deforestation, Ebola and Marburg are not caused by habitat destruction and increased amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. The cause of these lethal viruses has not yet been determined. However; similar to global warming and deforestation these viruses do still effect the environment around them. Before humans had started becoming infected the viruses only would infect monkeys. In one case in Pennsylvania when the monkeys in Hazleton had become infected with Ebola they unfortunately had to euthanize all of them. They euthanized over a hundred monkeys in that building which of course will make anyone sad especially a veterinarian. This of course presents a major issue throughout the environment. Even though the monkeys had received Ebola prior to the humans they still were not the natural hosts. Obviously if a virus is capable of wiping out the entire human population based on that fact alone, it is a major environmental issue. For this to occur it wouldn’t be that hard Richard Preston says, “I hot virus from the rain forest lives within a twenty-four-hour plane flight from every city on earth. All of...
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