The Hot Zone

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  • Topic: Ebola, Marburg virus, Viral hemorrhagic fever
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  • Published : November 6, 2010
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Part 1: The book was very interesting to me and I was amazed at how Richard Preston explained the feelings in detail. I felt as though I was going through all the pain and shock as everyone else in the book. I was very disgusted on what happened to Charles Monet and how he died by the Ebola virus. I think its very horrible on what people went through to have the Ebola virus and only live ten days. Not to mention the horrible death that comes with it. My reaction at first was that it was not a big deal, this is a book so what are the chance of that happening to me. Then as I read more on the subject I was a little worried that I could somehow just like in the book catch Ebola and die. As I read on I felt horrible at how much a small microscopic virus can kill so many people and how it can spread so fast. These viruses are the most dangerous things on the earth and still exist on the planet. There must be some kind of way to get rid of them completely. I think the most dangerous virus is the Ebola Virus because of the symptoms you get to die from it. I would not like to die vomiting all my blood and then bleeding out in the end. I did get worried when they said that one of the viruses could be air born and travel from person to person. I would not like to work near people, who work with any kind of virus. That is just an accident waiting to happen, and I don’t want to any percent chance of getting a virus. I thought that Nancy was crazy for wanting to work with Ebola Virus in the first place. To be honest I was mostly confused because I’m not use to reading these kinds of books so I still have trouble processing what’s happening in the story, but I get the gist of it. Richard Preston did terrific on explaining and giving detail on the Filoviruses in the book. He gave very good feeling of how the person would feel when they were infected and gave the reader the same feeling as if they had the disease themselves. Even though I was disgusted at the thing he explained...
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