The Hospitality Industry and You

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What is hospitality management.-
Most people think the hospitality industry the usually think of hotels and restaurants . However the true meaning of hospitality is much broader means the reception end entertainment of guests , visitors or strangers with liberality and good will. Hospitality not only includes hotels and restaurants but also refers to the other kinds of institutions that offer shelter food or both to people away from their homes. The hospitality professions are among the oldest of the humane professions and they involve making a guest, client, member, or resident feel welcome and comfortable. Hospitality management is one of the few remaining places in our increasingly specializes world of work that calls for a broadly gauged generalist. The manager’s role in the hospitality industry

As a successful manager in the hospitality industry, you must exhibit many skills and command much specialized knowledge all directed at achieving a variety of management objectives Three general kinds of hospitality objectives

1.-Make the guest feel welcome this requires both friendly manner on your part toward the guest and atmosphere of liberality and good will among the people who work with you in serving the guest . 2.-A manager wants to make things work for the guest. Food has to be savory, hot or cold according to design and on time a hospitality system requires a lot of work, and the manager must see that is done 3.-Make sure the operation will continue to provide service while also making a profit simply stated these objectives suggest that managers must be able to relate successfully to employees and guests direct the work of their operation and archive operating goals within budget that is to run a productive operation within certain constraints WHY STUDY IN A HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM?

Knowledge is crucial to success and studying is necessary part of your overall preparation for a carrer as a supervisor...
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