The Horse Dealer's Daughter, a Love Story

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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The Horse Dealer’s Daughter 
“The Horse-Dealer’s Daughter” by D.H. Lawrence is a very interesting love story. Lawrence uses vivid death imagery to tell a symbolic story of death, rebirth, and consummation. Jack and Mabel have both come to dead ends in their lives. At the end in the process of discovering each other, they are reborn through their shared love.  Mabel is more attached to death than life. Mabel’s mother died when Mabel was 14. Mabel’s father remarried and then sometime later died, leaving the family bankrupt, and they are losing everything. Mabel has no place to go but her brothers do. The brothers suggested Mabel be a skiwy, but she cannot do that because before the family bankrupt Mabel had maids on her own. Finally Mabel has been living in a very cold emotional atmosphere because her brothers treated her in a really bad way. Mabel is obsessed with her dead mother because she feels that her mother is the only person that ever loved her. In fact Mabel is more dead than alive. The author states that: “She thought of nobody, not even herself. Mindless and persistent, she seemed in a sort of ecstasy to be coming nearer to her fulfillment, her own glorification, approaching her dead mother, who was glorified.”(pg. 65) Mabel’s life is defined by the periods before and after her mother’s death.  Jack is a workaholic doctor who is high class and is considered in the upper part of society. When we first see him he is sick and exhausted from over working. In fact Jack has nothing in his life except for work. Jack has no women and only one friend, Mabel’s brother. Jack has no connections with anybody but his parents. However Jack has a subliminal relationship with Mabel. When Jack visits Mabel’s brothers, he tends to ignore her, but when she looks at him, he is distracted. Later when Jack sees Mabel, she is tending her mother’s grave and Mabel looks at him, “There was a heavy power in her eyes which laid hold of his whole being, as if he had drunk some...
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