The Horrors of Ballet

Topics: Woman, Ballet, Anorexia nervosa Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Emily Whittaker
Cause & Affect Rough Draft
Word Count: 1,081 (Essay itself)
Ballerinas: Behind the Tutus and Glamor

When people attend the exquisite performances of ballet recitals most are captivated by their form, how they maneuver ever so gracefully like a leaf falling from a tree in the autumn months, their beauty and how on stage they can appear to be anything they desire. However, behind the glamor, the slippers, the makeup, lies an eminent issue affecting these performers. Ballerinas will go the extreme to uphold the beauty and idealistic vision society sees as the “perfect” dancer. Because of the pressure of perfection haunting them constantly, a substantial amount of these dancers scum to an idealistic body by anorexia. With the relentless pressure ballerinas must face daily, the greatest of these pressures is on being lean because of media’s views and on the ideal ballerina corporations and instructors try to achieve and promote. Since such a high pressure it put among these women, it drives them to anorexia to attain the look that is wanted. The pressures of media are the first pressures that girls will become aware of when developing into a young woman. Whether girls watch television, skim through the pages of a catalog or look at billboards while riding in car, girls in general, are continuously viewing images of ads and models on the runway. Even the media attacks the “thin” requested image with female children’s toy when it comes to Barbie Dolls. What do these models all have in common? No acne, no scars, all the woman seem to have beautiful little figures, and must have no deformity at all. They are also characterized with narrow hips, little or no fat deposits, slim middle, small breasts, delicate looking arms and their height is tall. A young dancer who views this feels that unless she shares these characteristics she will never be the girl in the picture. The media pressure girls to be perfect. They do not display people who are...
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