The Hope of a Lost Boy

Dave Pelzer

The Hope of a Lost Boy
“The Lost Boy’ by Dave Pelzer is a novel about a young, little kid who searches for a place to call home and the love of a family. In this story David goes through abuse by his own mother but he finally realizes that his mother is no good. He is a brave little child that only wants to be loved by a family and finally live under one roof. David goes through a lot of tough times and he can only get through it by having hope and faith in himself. A main symbol in the novel is a dove because it represents hope and peace.

In this story, Dave always seems to have hope no matter what. There are times when he puts himself down and thinks everything is his fault but in the end he always finds hope. For example, Dave says “I feel special” (98) when he is alone with Lilian. Dave hopes for a loving and caring family and this part shows that he may have actually found his family. Also when Dave finally makes new friends he says “I know that some of the bigger boys are using me but I don’t care. After years of isolation I am finally accepted within a group” (155). Even though he realizes they are just using him he still plays along and hopes that they will end up liking him and accepting him for who he is.

Secondly, a dove represents peace. In the end, Dave finally finds peace in his life. For example, Dave says “But this moment in time needed no words, for we knew what we all felt – the love of a family” (297). At this part Dave realizes he finally finds the love of a family and now he can finally have peace in his life. Also, when Dave says “I closed my eyes for a final time as a lost boy” (297) and “I opened my eyes for the first time as a man named Dave” (298) shows that he is officially done with his past and he doesn’t want anything to do with it. He can now move on with his life and find peace within himself. He can also determine who he really is and search for the person inside of him.

In conclusion, after all those tough times he’s...
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