The Hoopster Character Description

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Andre Anderson is the main character of the book. He is hard working, intelligent, and a great basketball player. He worked as an intern at a magazine in the city. He was a great basketball player, who had played every week with his friends and cousins at the local outdoor court. Andre doesn’t like racism and he was asked to write an article about it which would change his life forever. Also, Andre was an African-American and he was proud of it. Racist jokes would always rub him the wrong way. Even though he grew up in the rough part of his city he had gotten past all of the drugs and violence. Whenever he would catch his sister doing something bad he would call her out on it.

Shawn was Andre’s best friend. He was lazier and had thought highly of himself. He worked at a children’s summer camp as a counselor. Which is how Andre met his new girlfriend Gwen. Shawn had always complained about his mother’s terrible cooking. So whenever he was at Andre’s he would take advantage of Andre’s giving mother. He would always eat as much as he could and try to talk to Andre’s dad who would have nothing of him. He was a good basketball player and he knew it. Every time he would hit a big shot he would you know it. He was very outgoing for how lazy he was and a hit with the ladies.

Gwen was Andre’s girlfriend. They had met at the children’s summer camp that Shawn worked at. She was a Latina women who took pride in her roots. With her being Latina and Andre being black it caused some difficulty. She had constantly used Spanish words when she would get upset with a topic. Gwen was hard working, sweet, but easily upset. Also, she knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. Gwen had caught Andre’s sister smoking marijuana and got into a fight with Andre and his sister.
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