The Honor Code

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  • Published : October 1, 2002
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How will the honor code impact my academic and campus life?
Throughout my years at Xavier and beyond I intend to follow the Xavier Honor Code so I can become a cooperative and responsible person. By being a student at Xavier I notice I will have to take responsibility of my actions and faults. In order for Xavier to trust me and to allow me to continue attending their school, I will have to follow their rules and be respectful. Not only should I do these things, but also I have to respect myself in order to respect others. In following the Honor Code at Xavier I will learn more about others, the school, and myself. The Honor Code will impact my academic and campus life because it will lead my way to the future by becoming a successful young black woman.

Honor and trust is what I will learn at Xavier by following the Honor System. By being honorable I will have to be truthful, honest, and, respectful throughout any situation. This means I will have to be straightforward dealing with my academics, personal life at Xavier, and campus life. I will have to take responsibility of my actions and choices. My actions at Xavier will determine whom I will become and what I am going to do with my life.

Trust at Xavier is a very important issue. In order for Xavier to trust me I have to have trust in others and myself. Xavier has to trust me from the day I enter their school until the day of graduate. Honesty is the key to trust for it will set me free from cheating, lying , Ganier 2

and being immoral. Also, I have to choose whom I become friends with because if I don't trust them I will get into bad situations. I should have a close relationship with Xavier and myself so I can become trustful. Xavier's Honor System will give me an opportunity to endure in many experiences. Even if the experiences are good or bad it will give me a chance to learn from my mistakes. By experiencing things I can learn more about myself. In college I have the freedom...
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