The Homework Debate

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Marleny Paulino
Ms. Kat
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November 28, 2012
The Homework Debate
Homework, oh homework!! Have you ever wondered if homework hinders or helps a student academic success? However homework hinders a student academic success in many reasons. Homework might improve knowledge but it gets to the point where it annoys or even mess up with a student life. “Sometimes homework can lead to cheating, mental illness, and even suicide”. Homework hinders a student because its stress them, it takes away resting time, and the quality of family and friends time too. That is why homework hinders a student’s academic success in many reasons. Doing a lot of homework can stress a student a lot. In other words it means that a student comes home tired from a long day in school but later they have to do more work in the night. Some students just drop out because they are failing in their homework grade. In “school lesson plan: no more homework” by Jo Napolitano from Chicago tribune it says, “so many students were earning c’s when test and quizzes showed they had command of the material”. The significance of this quote is that some students are doing excellent in classwork but when it comes to homework they are failing. Homework is stressing because it drives students crazy. In “I hate homework. I assign it anyway” by Jessica Lahey from The New York Time says, “Ms. Abeles claims that today’s untenable and increasing homework load drives students to cheating, mental illness, and suicide”. That is why homework stresses students. Homework hinders academic success because it takes away resting time. In other words it means that kids come sleepy from school and cannot rest because they have a lot of homework to do. It takes away the free time students have in the afternoon. In “I hate homework. I assign it anyway” by Jessica Lahey from The New York Time says, “busy work and assignment that don’t do anything but eat up precious evening hours”. Homework also takes time for doing...
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