The Home Front During Wwii

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  • Published : April 26, 2012
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The Home Front During WWII

One very important factor when discussing a nation who is at war is the “home front” or the state that the nation is in not directly pertaining to the war and the daily activities of civilians during war time. While the home front may not have a direct impact on the war itself, many things are done behind the scenes in order to provide any assistance necessary. This includes increasing war time production of goods, weapons and food in order to adequately provide those directly involved in the fighting. The way in which funds are allocated and distributed by government officials during a war, whether it be increasing production of war time materials, food etc., is instrumental in winning a war. Also, Faragher speaks of certain inconveniences that Americans had to face during war time such as rationing food, working longer days, and suffering a sharp increase in their income taxes (Faragher 730). Many Americans who were not Caucasian saw hardship during World War II due to either deep seeded racism or fear that they may be assisting the nation they previously lived in.

One seemingly positive outcome of WWII on the home front was the increase in jobs and wages that it manifested (Faragher 730). The need for war time materials such as guns, ammunition, vehicles etc., became the driving force in creating many new jobs for the American people. This then in turn lead to an increase in the income of your average American family at the time, allowing them to purchase things they had previously been deprived of thanks to the Great Depression (Faragher 730). However the need to ration, or use sparingly in order to conserve, obstructed the “luxuries” that were newly available to the American people (Faragher 730). Another limiting factor that many Americans faced was the drastic increase in income taxes imposed in order to provide the government with enough funds to adequately support the war time effort (Faragher 730). Although their new,...
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