The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts

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The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
The Coming / Filling of the Holy Spirit 2
The Holy Spirit Speaks through Believers 4
The Holy Spirit Speaks to Believers 4

The Holy Spirit Works Miracles through Believers 6

The Holy Spirit Builds a Church 6

Conclusion 6

Bibliography 8

Jesus Christ’s work of redemption on the Cross established the foundation for freedom from the penalty of sin and death, it also facilitated in allowing for Jew and Gentile to enter into the household of God, Christ is the cornerstone. With this freedom however comes responsibility, and the book of Acts, as documented by Luke, expresses the Holy Spirit’s role in making available everything that would be necessary to put this responsibility into action. The Holy Spirit would be the conduit by which a revolution was sparked that would lead the work of Christ on to worldwide reach using early believer’s triumphs, sufferings, and persecution to see it through and ultimately begin building His church. Marguerat concludes, “…the Spirit in Luke is an inaugurating Spirit, the agent of beginnings, of the creation of communities, and the impulse that gives birth to Churches.” The Holy Spirit will fill new believers with boldness to preach Jesus. He would speak to and direct a course of action to prevent disaster for many believers. He would empower Apostles to heal the sick and lame in Jesus Name. He would move the very foundation of the earth to unify the cause of Christ and use those who would dare proclaim the truth, even unto death. The Coming / Filling of the Holy Spirit

In Acts chapter one, we find Jesus about to ascend into heaven, just before doing so, He tells His disciples not to leave Jerusalem until the promised Holy Spirit comes. Once the Spirit comes, the disciples are told they will be given power, and they will be witnesses to Jesus even unto the ends of the earth. What kind of power would the Holy Spirit give them? Is this power only for Jesus’ disciples or would it be given to all believers from that moment on? The book of Acts quickly reveals the power and work of the Holy Spirit in and through believers is for all believers. This power and witness begins on the Day of Pentecost where the Holy Spirit will fill one hundred and twenty believers gathered in one place. Here we find the first audible/visible account of the Holy Spirit’s presence as, “Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting” and “they saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them” Acts 2:2-3. Bock states, “Luke pictures the event in a way that has an element of “visibility” to it, as verses 2 – 4 make clear.” Faw writes, “That this is not an actual wind but the sound of one. It is the mighty outpouring of God's presence, told in a language in which the word for wind also means spirit (Greek: pneuma; Hebrew: ruakh). It seems God wants to make His presence known by sight and sound to ensure that all the believers (witnesses) at this event would be certain that it is Him as promised. Many from this point on will be filled with the Holy Spirit; three thousand after Peter’s speech, Stephen, Cornelius and his family, and others. The Holy Spirit Speaks through Believers

An external phenomenon takes place, but so does an internal one. The Holy Spirit will enable the believers to speak in diver tongues, ones that many people from different parts of the land will understand but not know how it is possible. The Holy Spirit has the...
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