The Holy Koran vs. the Holy Bible

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Thursday, November 11, 2010
Report: Koran vs. Bible

In history, there have been many different religions. However, only a few select religions have survived and are still practiced today. This report will compare and contrast the two most popular religions’ holy books- the Koran and the Bible.

The Koran is the paramount of Muhammad’s teachings. He is said to be the most important prophet of Allah, the Muslim’s god. While Muhammad was teaching, the Muslims, those who could read and write, wrote down what Muhammad taught. They wrote his teachings down on anything they could find; pieces of paper, leaves, stones, bits of leather, or clay. Then, Muhammad’s right-hand man, Abu Bakr, suggested that all the bits and scraps that had Muhammad’s teachings on them be brought and fashioned into a single document. Next, Muhammad ordered all the pieces of refuse be burned, signifying the beginning of what is now known as the Koran. The modern Koran has 114 chapters with 6,226 verses total. In contrast, the Bible is the complete collection of 66 books all structurally organized and in total harmony with each other. The Bible is also in accordance with many historical and archaeological finds, some of which can be found by researching the following website listed below. ( The first 39 books (the Old Testament) were written in the years before the birth of Christ and, following a 400-year “silence” called the Inter-Testamental Period, the other 27 books (the New Testament) were penned by the apostles of Jesus. In total, the 66 books of the Bible were written by God’s 40 chosen authors over a time span of nearly 1,500 years! The next phase in this report will outline 3 things that both religions believe in and explore their differences using scripture from both. The three subjects are as follows: tolerance of murder and violence, interpretations of heaven and interpretations of hell.

Report: Koran vs. Bible Cont.
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