The Holocaust Was a Very Important Part of History

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, The Holocaust Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: March 21, 2013
The Holocaust was a very important part of history. From this tragic happening that we can learn from our mistakes so it or anything close can never happen again. Also someone should have spoken up when they saw people being taken away and never returning. Last if someone you knew was hiding and you knew where how could you rat them out, when they did nothing wrong. Hitler was a master dictator that should have been stopped when people saw the wrong in him. Some things we can learn are, that if someone or thing is wrong speak up about it, killing should not go unnoticed, and just because someone is different does not mean they should be treated differently. If someone should have spoken up about what they thought was unfair this whole massacre may have never happened. Killing people is against the law and just because you are a leader doesn’t mean you can kill whoever whenever, that’s just not right. There are also many different races, religions, eye colors, hair colors, and so on. Last if you treat one unfair because of one of their features than everyone should have be treated unfair because no one person is the same. Learning is one of the greatest abilities god gave us and the Holocaust is something we can learn from. How can someone not say something when people they know are being taken away never to return when they have done nothing wrong? That is like robbing a house just because the door was unlocked. You just don’t do that. Even neighbors were taken away for what being different? I myself know that Hitler may have killed you, but it would be for a good cause. Everyone was just scared and selfish, they didn’t care what was happening to the “outsiders” (Jews, Gypsies, and Homosexuals) all they cared about was that their family was safe. Speaking up is just a little sacrifice you can take to safe peoples lives. Hiding was one of the ways the “outsiders” tried to protect themselves Gestapo and Nazi’s. Say you know where your Jewish...
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