The Holocaust: Final Solution

Topics: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler Pages: 3 (1145 words) Published: March 3, 2011
The Holocaust- Final Solution

The Final Solution was annihilation of the Jews. Hitler was the one that lead the Nazi’s to kill the Jews. The only way that this or even the Holocaust could have happened was because of World War II. Three things had leaded the Holocaust; if any of these were taken away it could have never happened. Firstly, Hitler had to bring all the Jews under his control. In 1939, he had only 1% of Jews under his power. In three short years in 1942, he had 75% of Jews under his command. Secondly, the war helped provide isolation to Germany. No one actually knew what they were doing. Even if the Nazi’s were to be questioned they could deny this. That is how strong their protection was from the world. Lastly, the war made the training of individuals to carry out sub-human acts.

After Hitler came into power in 1933 in February of that year the Reichstag fire had happened. It is believed that Hitler deliberately set this fire. This was where the congress of Germany would meet. This made the state declare a state of emergency. That meant that all laws were suspended and that no one had a say in what Hitler was doing. The fire was a way of Hitler getting the revenge he wanted. Later on boycotts, laws, and arrests left the Jews isolated from society because no one wanted to be near them. When the first concentration camp opened in March 1933, in Dachau no one actually knew what would actually happen to the Jews.

Hitler had become busy with war and never actually knew what to do with the Jews and he had Himmler in charge. The decision was supposed to be set in mid- December 1941but, Pearl Harbor delayed the meeting. It was rest in January in 1942. It was called the Wansee Conference. Heydrich (Nazi official) was the only leader there present. He helped lead the attack on the Jews. It was decided that all the Jews would be killed and that no one was to survive. Genocide. Hitler was ready to kill a whole mass of people for nothing. The...
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