The Holocaust and the Crucible: Similarities and Differences

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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The slave laborers were exhausted. They lived in camps infested with disease. The Nazis used gas tanks to murder the weak. There are many similarities as well as differences between The Holocaust and The Crucible. The Holocaust can be compared to The Crucible for a number of reasons.

In the beginning of the Crucible, a scene told the audience how a teenaged girl, Abigail, helped her employer, John Proctor, commit adultery. She knew she had grudges toward some people, including her mistress, because her lover confessed and she got fired. In an attempt to try and cover up her mess, she tries to “contact the devil” by dancing naked in the woods with her friends.

One of those girls who danced was the minister’s daughter, Betty. As the minister saw them dancing, Betty was afraid of being scolded, so she decided to play sick and bewitched to avoid getting in trouble. As the scene went on, some characters were convinced some witchcraft was happening in town.

The town didn’t approve of this and they made it obvious by wanting to persecute those who were accused of witchcraft. Back to Abigail, she decided to accuse people just because she knew she would get all the attention and power if she did. Some say she may have had a grudge towards the people she accused or she just wanted to. Now, those people she accused were definitely not involved in any witchcraft.

What the government wanted was for these people to admit to the crime they didn’t commit so they can be “open with God” and go on living a better life. For some people, they valued their life enough to do it. But for some, they didn’t want to soil their name. This is where some of the similarities between The Crucible and The Holocaust can be compared.

As the Nazis accused the Jews for the downfall of Germany, they sent them all to concentration camps to work for their life. The Jews had to go and live in disease infected camps with poor hygiene and a much too crowed room. It’s obvious that the leaders of...
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