The Holocaust and Philips Corporation

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Auschwitz concentration camp Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: May 11, 2011
The Holocaust
By: Chris Bush 8th

Eduard Hornemann was the son of Elizabeth and Philip Hornemann. Eduard was born in 1932 in Eindhoven, Holland. Eduard’s family consisted of four known people, his mother, his dad, his younger brother Alexander, and himself. His father worked for the Philips Corporation and could provide the family with a great living area, because he was an executive there.

Eduard was eight years of age when the Germans occupied Holland in May of 1940. When the Nazis instituted harsh rules against Jewish the Hornemanns were exempted from many of the rules because of his fathers executive position with his company. After the Germans began running their death camps the Philips Corporation setup a special area to hide all of its Jewish employees, because most of the Philips Corporation employees were Jewish.

German troops surrounded the Philips Corporation plant in the hometown of the Hornemann in Eindhoven, Holland. All the Jewish employees were arrested and sent off to a camp. They were sent to a Dutch concentration camp in Vught. They were forced to work under many hard and harsh circumstances. Over 3,000 prisoners including the Jewish employees from the Phillips Corporation were put to at one of the Philips operation plants. The works that worked there were given extra rations of food and were given extra special privilege, so they could live with their wives and children. When a representatives from Philips Corporation came up to Mrs. Hornemann and told her that they the company could guarantee her family’s safety at the camp, but only if she and her kids were to join their dad at the camp. She felt that she had no choice but to go, and support her husband and their father.

The Hornemanns were deported from the Birkenau death camp in Poland on June 3, 1944. Mrs. Hornemann couldn’t believe that she was lied to when she was told that the company could guarantee her and her family’s safety in the camp if she went....
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