The Holocaust

Topics: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, Antisemitism Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The Holocaust
The Holocaust is a tragedy that occurred in mostly Germany. The awful development was carried out by the Nazis lead by Adolf Hitler. The Holocaust included extermination labor camps set up for extort free labor from Jews, gypsies, mentally disabled peoples, homosexuals and anyone who sympathized or assisted the Jews. The Holocaust is ultimately the systematic killing of over six-million Jewish people, and more. The German’s call this “the final solution to the Jewish question.” Anne Frank is a young German girl who hides from the Nazis in an attic, and is famous for writing a diary of her ventures of hiding. Anne Frank addresses her imaginary friend, “Kitty”, confiding in her using a diary she was given, and writing gave her the willpower to endure her tough times in what he family referred to as “The Secret Annex”. After two years in hiding, Anne Frank writes “I’ve reached a point where I no longer care whether I live or die. The world will keep on turning without me, and I can’t do anything to change events anyway.” Despite her heavy heart, writing proved to present an outlet for her. On April 5, 1944 Anne Frank writes “When I write, I can shake off all my cares.” Her family is discovered on August 4, 1944 due to the tip of an anonymous identity. Living in the extermination labor camps broke down the spirits of their prisoners, and symbolically ruins the Jew’s chances with getting into heaven by shaving their heads and tattooing their wrists. Primo Levi is a man born in a family of non-actively religious Jews. He is sent to Auschwitz for 10 months, and he worked in a synthetic rubber factory in the labor section of the extermination camp. He fares better than most in the camps, but ends up contracting scarlet fever. Levi articulated “The aims of life are the best defense against death.” Levi uses his strong willpower and skills to fight his way through the Holocaust. After Elie Wiesel was liberated from the...
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