The Hollow Men by T. S. Elliot: Analysis

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  • Published : January 26, 2012
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“We are the Hollow Men,
We are the stuffed men”
In this poem by T.S. Elliot, he uses symbolism, mixed with a quick tempo at the beginning, moving to a slower one at the end to describe how a man’s life generally goes by. In the early stages of a man’s life, he is constantly being filled with information and qualities that society deems necessary and desirable. He will spend no time dwelling on the innermost insecurities that we, as humans, all have. He is a Hollow Man.

As we go through the motions of life, we rarely spend time in our early years to contemplate and delve into the insecurities and emotions, the thoughts and feelings that make us who we are. We are content being ignorant to the deeper things; the things that make us think about the greater workings of the Universe, and the smaller workings of ourselves. We know those things exist; we simply don’t want to hear them, because, as we’ve all heard at one time or another, ignorance is bliss. “Eyes I dare not meet in dreams”

As we move further into the journey of life, we begin to understand that something is missing. We begin to come to the realization that there are things about ourselves we don’t want to know. We are ashamed that we have gone this long, and have not sought out the greater meaning we inherently know is there. We know we’ve done wrong, but don’t want to face it. We fear what we will discover about ourselves. It is easier to look in a mirror and see your reflection just as being your reflection, and not contemplate the person you see. It is easy to say “This person has blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.” It is difficult to say “This person has feelings, beliefs, insecurities, and a deeper meaning.” “At the hour when we are

Trembling with tenderness
Lips that would kiss
Form prayers to broken stone.”
This stanza represents how at the end, we know that our lives of passion, where we have done nothing for a greater purpose than for our own personal comfort and entertainment,...
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