The Hobbit vs Princess Mononoke

Topics: Frodo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings, English-language films Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Thesis paragraph

Broad statement:
Willingness and willpower are essential aspects of a hero.
Will is what a hero needs to be able to perform his best, if not at all. Three areas of support for the thesis:
1. Willpower is key to starting an adventure
2. Willpower is what prevents a hero from getting corrupted
3. Will in both love and obsession are what keeps the characters closer to their heroic selves

Body of essay

Paragraph 1
Topic sentence: Willpower enabled Ashitaka to easily begin his hero cycle, and greatly delayed Bilbo in his because will is key to starting an adventure. 1st point: In the very beginning, Gandalf approached Bilbo and offered him the adventure of a lifetime however, Bilbo refused because he had no will or interest in going on any adventure. Proof: “adventure? No Baggins has ever gone, or wanted to go on an adventure, nor will one ever go!” Explanation: Because of this, Bilbo had immense difficulty breaking out of his shell and obtaining the will to go on with his adventure. 2nd point: Ashitaka was so willing to go on an adventure to save his life that he began the adventure before he knew it started. Proof: “I understand what I must do, to go find the spirit of the forest and have him save me.” Explanation: Ashitaka was very willing to go on an adventure, and when the opportunity arose, he was ready to face any obstacle because his will to save his life was 100% there. 3rd point: Bilbo had much more ease going on an adventure after he acquired the will to begin one. Proof: “I signed it I signed it! Can I still come along?” Explanation: Immediately after he acquired the will to start an adventure, everything following was much easier to overcome because he had the will to put effort into continuing his adventure. Concluding sentence: Will is essential to starting an adventure, and without it an adventure might not even begin.

Paragraph 2
Topic sentence: If ones will is weak, it is very easy for them to get...
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