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The Hobbit

By | May 2002
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"The Hobbit" Book Report

"The Hobbit" was written by J. R. R. Tolkien and secured as a copyright in 1937. The story is about a short, peaceful creature named Bilbo Baggins who, like most hobbits, is about half as tall as a human, but not nearly as loud. Bilbo resides in his comfortable hole where he leads a very easy-going life. He does, however have a side to himself that wants to go out and explore the world and be adventurous. One day a wizard, named Gandalf, comes to Bilbo's house and discovers that he could use an adventure to make a difference in his life. Bilbo declines Gandalf's invitation, but gets dragged into an expedition when Gandalf hires Bilbo as a "Burglar" to join a group of dwarves. These dwarves, led by Thorin, are going to head to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim treasure stolen from their family by a fierce dragon, named Smaug. Throughout the quest, the party is faced with trouble from trolls, goblins, spiders, and many "evil" creatures. Bilbo is useful to the group because he can sneak around very quietly, and explore things without getting caught. This ability to sneak around is ever increased when he stumbles across a magic ring that makes him invisible. Using the ring, Bilbo comes across a way to kill the dragon and reclaim the treasure. He spreads word of Smaug's weak spot and the dragon is killed, but not before an entire town is destroyed. When the treasure is reclaimed, there is much controversy over who gets to claim it. Thorin is, however, unwilling to share the treasure with anyone but the dwarves, and a war brews over it. The "good" creatures unite and defeat the "evil" creatures, but as a consequence Thorin is killed in battle. The treasure is then spread peacefully among the "good" creatures, including Bilbo, and he heads home. When he returns he finds that the other hobbits do no longer wish to interact with Bilbo because of his newfound adventurous ways. He doesn't mind though, because he has gained many...

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