The History of Video Games

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the History of Video Gam The History of the Video Games

The world of video games has played a part in several generations and they have always been entertaining for everyone. They have consistently evolved over the years keeping up with the times always offering gamers the best quality that is available. What started as mainly being played on televisions now is being played in hand held versions in addition to cell phones. Video games are evolving again with the games allowing the chance for everyone to get involved with the fun. From little toddlers to grandparents, there is a game out there all genres. I will explain each next-gen platform and its differences.

The first system is the Nintendo Wii, Wii standing for we meaning that this console was built for everybody to play. This is the smallest console to date weighing in at only less than three pounds, over six inches tall, and it plays 12” inch discs in addition to eight inch discs from its predecessor the Nintendo GameCube. This console is motion censored based meaning that you have to move your body with the controller. This is the only that requires a memory card since there is not a lot of internal memory. This console is for everybody and it became instant hit and sold millions of units in a few short months.

Next console is the X-Box 360, the second system released by Microsoft offering a more detailed online experience. With the ability to play others online the 360 has a social networking feel where you interact through your game. This console is fairly heavy weighing in at almost six pounds and with the older models the hard drives are detachable offered in 60 and 120 GB. The current model now has a 250GB hard drive and it slimmer lighter model and now it affordable as opposed to release in 2006 and starting price at $400.

Then there is the PlayStation 3 perhaps the best console out of...
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