The History of the Second World War: Test Notes

Topics: World War II, Second Sino-Japanese War, Japan Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Chapter 16 17 & 19 test – World War II

Chapter 16 Questions
1. Yes, I believe it was right for us not to join the war because we didn’t have any provocation yet. Seeing as France had their behinds handed to them in WWI, I don’t see how the fact that they were in the war had any effect on us not joining in yet. Plus, we were out of the war area, anyway. Everything going on in Europe had nothing to do with us. 2. Japan had been at war LONG before it broke out in Europe. They were trying to run the British and French out of Asia as well as take over China; their slogan was 'Asia for Asians.' Thing was, they wanted Asia for Japan, not Asians. Their aggression prompted embargoes from the US that eventually led to Pearl Harbor and US entry into the war. Germany only approached them because they thought they could keep the US out of Europe. They were wrong.

Chapter 17 Questions
1. The Invasion of Normandy allowed for the Allies to push the Germans from both sides, freeing resources for the Pacific. To aid against this, Training aircraft such as the AT-6 Texan were fitted with 500 Lb. bombs and flew along the coast. When more destroyers were needed the US built a smaller ship called a DE (destroyer Escort). Destroyers also worked in teams, one locating the U-boat with sonar and directing the second to a correct attack position. Cities along the coast went into blackouts to help prevent such events. The British built a smaller ship for the same duty called a Corvett. The Allies also were ahead in radar and sonar, and were able to detect U-boats either on the surface or under the water. 2. Long term effects were such things as the migration of African Americans from the South to the North to fill industrial jobs, and to settle permanently in the Northeast. Short term effects were tons of women in the industrial factory work force, and greatly increased industrial output. Another long term effect was the growth of California into a major state which it...
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