The History of the Discovery of Cinematography

Topics: Film, World War II, Malaysia Pages: 11 (3315 words) Published: April 9, 2012
NOT know the exact date of introduction of motion picture films to us. But if according to the first introduction of 'moving picture' presented by the Lumiere brothers in Paris, it happened in December 1895. However, in view of the case have said the film first screened as early as 1917 again, he may be said to be the age of the film is almost a century.

Regardless, the film is not to be in a form that we can watch now. It is said to start with the success of a designer of the camera can transmit images to a banner quoted the picture is not moving (still). This led to enhance the capability of this camera can transmit images can be moved. So the term `movie` used comes from the word 'moving' - that is moving. Oxford Dictionary of movie termed as 'cinema' or `movie` only. Motion picture had moved, but still dumb (silent pictures). But it was unveiled to the public and make a new form of entertainment that would never have imagined by people at that time. This phenomenon existed before the First World War. In the interim period between World War I and World War II films already available from the West. Should still have more senior citizens remember with nostalgia the film Charlie Chaplin, Laura And Hardy. Required to be disclosed to relive the era of "silent movies in Hollywood, recently, released a film titled` silent The Artist and won the Orange Bafta Awards in France by Jean Dujardin plays, able to beat superstars including Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

But when the film appeared to speak `` we have had no feature film of the Middle East to this country, especially Egypt, thus witnessed the emergence of famous actors such as Mohd Abdul Wahab and Umm Kalthum. Mohd Abdul Wahab, for example, known for its melodious song. Egyptian movie featuring the two of them play very well among the Malays at that time because whatever comes from the Arab countries will be respected by them, let alone many young Malays began to have the opportunity to Egypt to study.

On the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, this bear was the spirit of Arab culture and berqasidah `` melodious. Meaning melodious recitation of the Koran Karim in taranum and performed at weddings and feasts, goes up, especially in rural areas.

However, Western films also began to enter the country. Titles such as Cowboy - Roy Rogers, Zorro and Tarzan is no stranger at the time. Due to World War two, too many young people 18-35 years old were killed in the West there is a situation that the number of young women far exceed men. But the West was once said to also have high morals and practice puritisme, began little by little changing patterns of social liberalism and culminates in an independent and free sexual practices.

This situation affects the pattern of entertainment, including actors in theater and film entertainment. And appeared in a movie star, which emphasized the sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida and Brigitte Bardott. In the era of the 1950s and 60's, they pushed this film as a sex symbol, either within or outside the film and stage.

For Elizabeth Taylor, the highlight of her acting was as Cleopatra with Richard Burton and doubles in the movie titled the same. Marilyn Monroe was performed enthusiastically in the movie Seven-Year Itch. For the heavyweights, including actor Richard Widkmark, Cary Grant, John Wayne and Rock Hudson.

Due to the heat of World War II at that time still be felt decades after the 1940s, the film appeared with prolific character of war at that time. Titles such as Battle of Britain, The Longest Day, Battle of the Bulge, All Quiet on the Western Front, A Bridge Too Far, Saving Private Ryan and the Sands of Iwo Jima is considered as a blockbuster until the 21st century.

In Malaysia, the film Lieutenant Adnan be a trial highlighting the history of patriotic courage of a fighter at the time of the Second World War where our troops advancing all-out defense of the Japanese in Singapore....
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