The History of Soft Drinks

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History Of Soft Drinks

Did you know that the soft drinks that you have today is not a novice concept? Since the ancient times, the drink has been serving people of all ages. Today considered degenerative for the health, soft drinks were once regarded as a health drink. Right from the mineral water devised from natural springs to the soft drinks available today, the beverage has come of age. Apart from the many varieties of the drink, they are also available in different flavors. To get detailed information about the how it all started, read through the history given below.

Interesting Information on Origin & Background Of Soft Drinks
Talking about the history of soft drinks, it can be traced back to the time when mineral water was found in natural springs. As per the general belief during that time, natural spring was considered healthy for life. In fact, people believed that just by bathing in the springs, one could be cured of many diseases. The reasoning also instigated them to drink the water. The earliest form of soft drinks was sherbets, which was developed by Arabic chemists and served in the medieval Near East. These were basically juice or fruit punch, as we call it today, soft drinks made from crushing fruits, herbs and flowers. In the mid 13th century, a drink named Dandelion & Burdock made a rage in England. It was prepared by fermenting dandelion and burdock roots and then naturally carbonating them. Though the drink is still available today, the flavor has changed.

It was in the 17th century that the first marketed non-carbonated drink appeared in the West. The juice mainly consisted of water, lemon juice and honey as its major ingredients. In the year 1676, the Compagnie des Limonadiers of Paris was granted a monopoly for the sale of lemonade soft drinks. Local dealers would carry tanks of lemonade drink and sell it to thirsty Parisians in dispensable cups. It was only in the next century that the actual carbonated mineral water was...
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