The History of School Uniforms

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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Ryan Aguilar
Per. 1
You may have thought that school uniforms were only worn by those of private schools or upper elite classes, but in fact it was quite the opposite. Uniforms were given to poor communities and schools, known as charity schools that would help children learn to read and write, in England around the 16th century. The uniforms that students would wear consisted of a blue blazer, cap and short trousers, and a brown satchel bag. The reason uniforms were issued was because it would cost less to just make the material for one style of clothing and mass produce them. Uniforms became more and more popular around the 19th century, mostly in state elementary schools. This was done because times were very dangerous and it helped create order within the communities and let the students focus more on the curriculum than on what they are wearing. Wearing uniforms was just a part of England’s plan to make their schools better. Along with stricter supervision of the students’ lives and morals, and new teaching methods to make the students do better in school. Schools improved a great deal over time just because of school uniforms and the things that changed because uniforms were now mandatory (Chris Carson). About one half of Catholic schools around the 1960's all had uniform policies (Carey Webber). Not all Catholic schools agreed on mandatory school uniforms because some felt that it was against the parent’s rights and right to individuality. Others said that it would put all the students at equal terms appearance wise. But this claim was not completely true because some families would still struggle with payments for the uniform and keeping it in good condition, so for the families that struggled, their kids would have worn school uniforms therefore being different in some perspective. In America during the 1980’s, arguments over schools requiring their students to wear school uniforms upset people because it was preventing individuality or...
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