The History of Psychology

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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The History of Psychology
February 13, 2012

The History of Psychology
The study of psychology dates back as far as the Greek Gods and continues for centuries, which followed into present day. Many scientists, physiologists as well as psychologists are mentioned and play a role with the discussions, theories, and discoveries in which we have reached modern day psychology. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Hermann Ebbinghaus (1850-1909), a German psychologist, claimed that there is a long past when it comes to psychology but the history of psychology is short. Ultimately, he made this claim based on findings and theories that dated back to the Greeks, but the scientific portions of psychology were closer to the start of the twentieth century and continued to grow. Ebbinghaus was strongly influenced by such psychologists as Fechner and Helmholtz during his years at University of Bonn where he received his doctor of psychology in 1983 at only 23 years of age. He continued with his love and commitment to psychology at the University of Berlin. The many years spent studying, researching and training in the discipline of psychology eventually led him to be known as “the pioneer of memory research” (Fuchs, 1997). Afterwards, in the United States, college students were becoming aware of what has been termed as the “new” psychology shortly after 1870. This following had been led by Harvard University professor William James. James brought forth his theories regarding how the mind would adapt to the environment. Demonstrations on empirical findings were also presented. In 1890, James completed and published his book Principals of Psychology. From 1870 through to 1910, another early scholar included Wilhelm Wundt, philosophy professor at the University of Leipzig. Wundt discussed how psychology is an independent academic discipline. He also created the first laboratory where research regarding the schools of psychology could be learned and...
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