The History of Political Development in Nigeria and Africa

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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African Union Students’ Club (AU) Ahmadu Bello University zaria officials paid a courtesy visit to one of the prominent elder state man in African, Ambassador Maitama Sule; one time Nigeria Ambassador to the United Nations. He was part of the African Nationalist that founded the African Union. The visit was to give us insight on panacea to African contemporary issues. EXCERPT:

The history of political development in Nigeria and African indeed is very interesting. With the problem now facing us, it is only appropriate we should look back there and see how it started and what have become of it. Today, in Africa and what will African become in future with all these problems around us? This is the question that keeps coming to the mind of those who care. In other to profound answer to this question, one has to go back history. The purpose of history at any time is to know the past, so as to adjust the present and plan the future. Life yesterday gave birth to today and today will give birth to tomorrow. Life is a continues exercise. Nature those not provide any vacuum, that is why in one time when there was this policy of the government which said only the new breed should take active part in government and the old should be wiped out. I did not accept that because the best organization throughout the world at the cost of history of nation building is come-off both old and the young. You need the maturity, wisdom and experience of the old as well as the dynamism, radicalism and youthful exuberance of the young. New breed without the old will breed greed. And perhaps that is why we are having problem in Nigeria today, because the old have been discarded. But some of the old have become so greedy that they succumb to the much nature of the greedy young people. We have made so much liberty. However, although they have painted the present picture black but am still optimistic. Ours was a decent society. We started very well especially Nigeria. We are very much respected. Nigeria in the first republic, were ever loved, admired. Our country leaders were respected. Indeed our first prime Minister sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was chosen to be among the best two leaders in the developing world. The other was President Nehru of India. We have five leaders, Dr. Azikwe, Awolowo, Sarduana, Tafawa and Aminu Kano. They were good leaders in political institutions. The country then was morally sound. Corruption was very negligible. I won’t say there was no corruption. There was but it was negligible. There was respect for elders and constituted authority. We are our brothers’ keepers. That was how we started. But today, the institution of family has broken down. Those cardinal principles are now to its lowest degree. Honesty has become meanni less. There is meaninless in philosophy; in security; in polity; chaos in politics; immorality in society; corruption in economy and even in frustration in art and lack of creativity in literature. Everything that has beginning has an end. Only God has no beginning no end. Everything that has reach it climax is bound to come down. The ugly things that are happening around us will one day come to an end. We will get out but how? We need to have a kind of revolution, not bloody revolution, not violent revolution. I am not advocating for that. I am advocating for Cultural Revolution, re orientation, change of attitude and we can change this country for the better. If we have a good guide, good leader; a good leader will be able to install good discipline to the society. We will be able to raise the moral cone of the society, we will be able to fight corruption, give the country a sense of direction. This is my hope. But you the youth, the potencial leaders of the country are the answer. You are the vehicle of change. You are the vanguard of revolution that I am advocating for. But you need a guide. You need leaders who are responsible, reliable, conservable, intergrity, patriotic; people who have...
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