The History of Mydin

Topics: Malaysia, Good, Public limited company Pages: 3 (653 words) Published: February 21, 2012
1. Company Background:
The Mydin Company was created by Mr. Mydin Mohamed family in Kota Bahru, Kelantan under the name of Syarikat Mydin Mohamed in year 1956. Initially, the company started its business by selling toys from Thailand. Throughout the years until year 2000, Mydin has gone through a lot of improvement. In 2001, the company changes its name to Mydin Mohamed Holdings Sdn. Bhd. In the same year, the company is converted into public limited company and has since assumed the name of Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad.

2. Company Objective:
To gain more profit by attaining more customers

3. Company Mission:
“We aim to be the leading local wholesale and Retail Company by providing the best value for money for the best assortment of goods, by providing service to our customers and by striving for excellence. We also aim to inspire more Malaysians to open outlets with our own proven success formula”

4. Company Vision:
To be the leading Malaysian wholesale hypermarket in Malaysia

5. Size:
In total, there are more than 3,000 employees working under the Mydin Group Holdings.

The number of employees working in the branches varies based on the size of the branch. In the headquarters branch located in Jalan Masjid India, that I will be carrying out the research on, there are about 400-450 employees. As for the smaller branches, the estimated number of employees is in the range of 350-400. In every Mydin branch, there are a few levels, that are specific staffs assigned for different tasks, that are the management, stock, store, sales assistant, management, cashiers etc.

Most of the staffs are trained to be the sales assistants and cashiers these staffs are required to run the daily operations in the branch.

6. Location:
In total, currently Mydin has 13 branches, 3 warehouses and 3 franchises throughout Malaysia. The branches are all located at the strategic sites where there are a lot of potential customers and at the same time, the...
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