The History of Makeup

Topics: Cosmetics, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: April 10, 2011
Makeup. Have you ever wondered how women from earlier times were supplied with makeup? In fact, Ancient Egyptians used anything from copper and lead ore to create the first cosmetics used in the world. However, today, cosmetics are scientifically advanced and can do everything from his pores, smooth complexions, and change eye color. Makeup has been an integral part of mankind for thousands of years. Women and men have taken drastic measures over the years to better their appearance.

In Ancient Egyptian times, men and women wore makeup, rouge, and perfumed oil to protect them from the sun. In Egypt, the higher the persons status was, the more makeup and jewelry they wore. The makeup they used provided color t their eyelids, eye lashes, and eye brows. The most abundant colors used during this time were black and green. Since Egyptians did not have a store they could go to to purchase makeup, they had to make it. To do so, they used different powders and ground them together on a palette with water to form and thick paste. In order to create black, they used a mineral called Kohl, which is obtained from Galena. In order to create green, they used a green pigment called Malachite. Malachite is a copper ore. To create rouge, they used red ochre. Not only did Ancient Egyptians wear makeup to show their status, but also for medical reasons. For Example, Kohl protected against eye diseases, Galena had disinfectant purposes, Kohl also acted as a deterrent to flies.

During the Ancient Roman times, cosmetics were first used for ritual purposes; however, they became a huge part of daily life for women, especially for prostitutes and the wealthy. During this time, designer brands were imported from Germany, China, and Gaul. The Lex Oppia limited the use of these products in 189 BCE. However, cheap knock-offs were sold to poorer women. During this time, most women didn't have to time to apply their own makeup, as it was very time consuming and had...
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